Studie: CCTL019A2205B

Wissenschaftl. Titel Patients are enrolled following completion or early discontinuation from a Novartis sponsored or supported study of CD19 directed CAR T-Cell treatment and will be followed for 15 years post treatment from the last CD19 directed CAR T-Cell treatment. Patients will be monitored for safety and efficacy within the primary treatment protocols for the protocol defined duration. While every effort will be made to keep patients in follow-up within the respective treatment protocol itself, patients can drop off treatment protocols at any time. Patients discontinuing from the primary treatment protocols for any reason will be enrolled in this long term follow up (LTFU). This will allow collecting data on long term safety and efficacy (as applicable) as mandated by the health authorities of all patients treated with CD19 CART therapy within the concept of a single protocol. Collection of such long term effects of CD19 CART cell therapy will help to further define the risk-benefit profile of CD19 CART
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